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21 April 2021

Location & Current Status

Situated in the eastern Black Sea Region, Giresun province is surrounded by the provinces of Trabzon and Gümüşhane to the east,the province of Ordu to the west, the province of Erzincan to the South, the province of Sivas to the southeast and the Black Sea to the North. It is located on a peninsula extending to the sea between Aksu and Batlama Valleys. Giresun Island which is 2 km away from the land is the only island of Eastern Black Sea region. Leaning back on the mountains Giresun has rough surface features. It has played an important role in the highland tourism with its mountains which are 2000 meters above sea level. While it has a great capacity regarding highland tourism, it has also enormous forest land. Apart from these, it is very common to have a hazelnut garden. Giresun’s geographical position enables it to take part in regional commercial and industrial activities. It is aimed that potential of the province will develop with the entrepreneurships regarding highland tourism, husbandry and agriculture.

Leaning back on the mountains in the province of Giresun has a rough surface structure shapes maintenance. The altitude of 2000 meters in the Black Sea mountain plateau tourism sector plays a major role in the region. Forested areas in Giresun having springs of various sizes are also great places covered. The gardening in the city as well as the nuts are quite common. Allows to play a role in trade and industry in the geographic position makes a substantial contribution to the development of Giresun. Mountain tourism, livestock and provincial initiatives with potential in agriculture aims to develop evaluated.

Why Giresun?