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16 May 2021

General Information

Situated in the northeast of Anatolia, Giresun is located on a peninsula extending through the sea.  It has become an attraction center for many various civilizations through the history when its favorable geographical position and strategic importance are considered. Although exact information about the first settlement’s date has not been confirmed yet, it is assumed that Turkish have settled here since B.C 2000 according to some philological studies. In the 7th century BC Oguz tribes has settled here who migrated to Black Sea region together with the Scythians. Being host of the many different tribes, Giresun was conquered Rome, Byzantine and Pontus Empires chronologically. In 1461, Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered Trabzon and Kerasus (Giresun) became a part of Ottoman Empire’s land. In 1923, Giresun has become a district and leaved from Trabzon. There are many rumors about the name of the city and its history. However, the most common one says that Giresun was named after a wild cherry tree. (Ceresia) Having an crucial position in the Black Sea region with its cultural, historical and geographical features, Giresun has taken firm steps in every area with blending values of past and objectives of future in order to make radical improvements.

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