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21 April 2021

Demographic Information

Giresun has 15 districts, 3 sub-districts, 548 villages and 153 neighbourhoods. According to results of 2012 Address-based Population Registration System census, 0,56% of Turkey population ( Total population of Turkey: 74.724.269 people) resides in Giresun. While the most crowded area is the Giresun’s city center, on the basis of districts’ population, the most crowded district is Bulancak and the least crowded district is Çamoluk with its 1,4% portion. When distribution of total population is examined, it can be observed that there is balance with populations of men and women with the ratios of 49,48% (men) and 50,52%( women). This balance has positive effects on the social life. According to 2011 dated population pyramid, it is observed that population density ranks in the middle ages.

Why Giresun?