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16 May 2021

Commercial Capacity

Giresun with its favorable geographical position, underground and overland richness, historical treasures and cultural values has leaped forward to play important strategic roles in every facets of life. It endeavors taking a position in the industrial and commercial sectors of the global world with its own local identity and values and becoming a part of competitive business world. Giresun having an agricultural, tourism and industry oriented structure, has a crucial position on the way of being highly industrialized in the Organized Industrial Zone with primarily its hazelnut processing sites and textile industry entrepreneurships. Regarding export and import, Giresun has taken steps toward to reinforce its position in the world level with its land and air transportation possibilities but primarily through the Giresun Harbor. With its dynamic economy, Giresun has made great improvements about primary agricultural product, hazelnut and subsidiary industry of it in the framework of regional and international objectives. Tea factories and lumber and forestry subsidiary industry products are among the other branches of industry.

Giresun with its prominent underground richness has rich mineral deposit reserves such as lead, zinc, copper, granite, marble, kaolin, iolite and bentonite. Mining investments are among the branches f industry which highly encouraged with regional incentives.

Another area that contributes greatly to Giresun’s trade capacity is  tourism. Unique natural beauties, alternative tourism facilities, richness of highland and natural tourism enable it to  have an influential position when its capacity to serve to domestic and foreign tourists considered.It can be observerd that there are improvements regarding rural tourism and certificated service facilities.

Why Giresun?