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16 May 2021

Textile Industry

Textile and garment, but is an important building block in the process of industrialization with developing countries’ development to significantly contribute to enabling competition in gelmektedir.dünya beginning of the sector is intense manual labor is most intense in this sector, the supply and the removal of quotas competition in terms of both demand has become more sharp .

Our country has an area begins to have a textile industry Giresun mentioned in the Eastern Black Sea Region in the textile industry at the forefront if unaccompanied in the last year in the eastern Black Sea region, with investment and industrialization breakthrough in Giresun in the economy. Giresun textile industry has gained momentum, particularly in the Eastern Black Sea Region and has established many large and small bespoke workshops. Important steps have also thrown employment, Giresun were given the opportunity to experience mobility in the provincial economy. Textile trade after agriculture and tourism are becoming a laughing Giresun face value.