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16 May 2021

Manufacturing Industry

Giresun province’s economy is mainly based on agriculture. Depending on whether the province of hazelnut production based largely on agriculture, most of the industrial investment in Giresun focused on the nuts and nut products processing production. Another agricultural products provide raw materials for industries outside the province are also tea and nuts. Underground mines in mining operations which is rich in Giresun also has an important position in the industry. Looking at the sectoral breakdown of industrial enterprises in the province, with 44% of food products and other mining and quarrying sector, 9% are located in the first row. They respectively manufacture wood and cork products (except furniture), manufacture of rubber and plastic products, manufacture of wearing apparel; dressing and dyeing of fur, which is followed by manufacture of machinery and equipment nec Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products.

Giresun, 24% of micro-scale industrial enterprises in the province, 60% of small, 15% medium, 1% are large enterprises, the number of enterprises registered in industry record industry 133.