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16 May 2021


Giresun in a commercial building is built on agricultural production and agro-based manufacturing industry. Agricultural and forestry products, located mainly in the provinces of domestic and foreign trade. Forming the basic livelihood of the people in the province and hazelnuts which direction the economy as industrial export is the gateway to the province in terms of the world economy. Another product that allows you to have a say in foreign and domestic trade with the Giresun hazelnut tea. Wheat flour is also an important position in the export trade. The world’s many leading brands Giresun hazelnuts in demand by the quality, is exported as unprocessed in past years, today was established in Giresun with developing industry roasted processed in modern and innovative facilities, chopped, blanched and can be exported into porridge.

In the underground wealth of great significance in the field of trade Giresun province, zinc and lead mine concentrate is made with marble, barite mineral trading operations. Bulgaria lead through sea route, barite mine is exported to several countries. 95% of exports to foreign markets, dominated by hazelnut processing, agro-industrial products are sourced. Hazelnut exports with a share of 85% in the province; Germany, Italy, Sweden, England, France, Austria, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands are exported to European Union countries. Boxwood branches, another export goods are exported from the tar road vehicles. Other than that, foreign trade is carried out largely by sea. Among the products that will be imported in the province; Forest products such as lumber and logs from the CIS countries, common wheat, fertilizer, wheat bran, nuts are the EU countries with coal machinery and other equipment.