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21 April 2021

Agriculture Industry

Giresun has an indisputable superiority of the nuts in the agricultural sector are shaped by the unique geography and climate. Largely it covered with hazelnut groves in the province, while another prominent agricultural product is tea. According to the Eastern Black Sea climate is obtained in high yields from agricultural activities of these products. The need for raw materials for agro-based industries in the region can be met. The nuts are located outside of livelihoods among farming and vegetable growing. Major stages in the transition from the current monoculture farming, polyculture space is saved. In recent years, the increasing importance of greenhouse initiatives in this area are encouraged. Alternative products include kiwi, raspberry and carrying the cultivation is increasing. Şebinkarahisar agricultural structures in Alucra and Camoluk the coastal district shows a completely different feature. Pasture areas and are important breeding accordingly. Cereals, fruit, vegetable and tobacco production in recent years has performed widely in agricultural activities.

When examining the distribution according to areas of agricultural land; 73% of the fruit area, 17% of cultivated farmland fallow field of 9%, while the vegetable garden area seems to have a margin of 1%.