15 C
16 May 2021

Giresun CCI Fair

Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber of Trade held for fourteen years, geliştererek its capacity every year more participants aimed to allow organizations and civil society organizations is very successful project Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber that brings together the same denominator. Summer is not the only event held in Giresun month sees quite a lot of interest from neighboring provinces. The innovation is held every year with the wishes of the fair have repercussions throughout the country aims to continue developing the fourteen years of tradition. Giresun trade and industry sector of the exhibition event as showcasing regional and country basis Giresun trade and industrial capacity before our eyes by laying both the recognition of the sector is the front legs to take steps for improvement. Usually the forefront of the manufacturing sector fair, which is considered quite a success and provides a sound evaluation of research on the market for investors. The trade and industry in the province of Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry rather holds an important place in Fair strengthens its position in the commercial and industrial sectors with participants increasing every year.

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