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16 May 2021

Back To Nature

“Back To The Nature; Training of Trainers on Rural Tourism”

Project, Giresun Ministry of Trade and Industry Chamber of the European Union Presidency of the EU Education and Youth Programs Center and 2012. The call for proposals is presented in a Transfer of Innovation project, which is worth supporting period.

November 1, 2012 began to be carried out on the project, experienced in the field of rural tourism, it is a project carried out with the participation of partners from 4 countries in Europe; That the applicant’s project Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the other partners; Macro Management Development Consultancy Ltd. Sti., Austria-BEST Institut für Berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personeltraining GmbH, Bulgaria-Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Branch Bulgaria, Latvia-Latvijas Lauku Turisme asociācija to-Lauku Celotajs, Karadeniz Technical University Hospitality and Tourism Vocational School and Trabzon Trade and Industry has Room.

To increase the knowledge and capacity of vocational training instructors, as well as the basic goal of the project is to contribute to the development of the European perspective and the quality of rural tourism and diversity training with the support of partner countries.

The main products of the project completed on October 31, 2014,

To investigate the current needs of education, rural tourism in terms of identifying the needs of the target country and comparative analysis of regional Training Needs Analysis Report

  • Transfer the project in line with the results obtained from the product of the Training Needs Analysis to global orientation and training modules on rural tourism consists of adaptation to local needs
  • Issues identified related to the rural tourism workshops and local training for the training of vocational teachers
  • Bringing together existing and new technologies as well as professional educators interested in rural tourism entrepreneurs and managers who are trained in student-centered e-learning system aimed at e-learning platform

Project Site: www.natureproject.net

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