17 C
16 May 2021

Organizational Structure

Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s organizational structure is stated below:

  • Professional Committees
  • Assembly
  • Executive Board
  • Discipline Board

Responsibilities of Profession Committees:

– To make examinations about professions, submit the proposal of measures which thought to be necessary or profitable to be discussed in the Executive Board

– To make a decision about attendance of chairman, vice chairman or other members seemed to be eligible to vote on the issues related to profession committees.

– To conduct required researches and response to demand on the case of demand of information carried out by Assembly or Executive Board about professions related to committees.

– To carry out other responsibilities stated in the related legislation.

Responsibilities of the Assembly:

– To elect members of Executive Board and Discipline Board.

– To elect deputies of General Board among its own members.

– To make decision about proposals which are made by Executive Board.

– To make professional decisions to be abided by.

– To identify and announce commercial and industrial customs and mores.

– To examine and confirm transfer demands and monthly balance.

– To establish conciliation courts to resolve the disturbances came up between members about the agreement (in the case that it is stated in the agreement) and to confirm the lists of arbitrators and experts summoned by the court.

– To make decisions about the proposal of punishment made by Discipline Board about members registered to the Chamber.

– To confirm annual budgetary and final accounts and to discharge them to Executive Board and to take legal proceedings about the people who are in the charge.

– To make decisions about buying and selling unmovable properties, borrowing, expropriation, establishing company and foundation in the legal framework and being  a member of a company.

– To accept internal directive and submit it to Association’s approval.

– To make decisions about and examine the objections against decisions about necessity of being registered to Chamber and ranks of the members made by Executive Board.

– To establish specialization and consultation committees devoted to issues and professions.

– To register international and national economical, industrial and commercial associations and send representatives to congresses.

– To make decisions about claims related to Chamber and members suffering from not being able pay their debts because of poor conditions or reason of death or natural disasters like flood, fire, and earthquake and so on and to assign this authority to Executive Board when it is required.

– To give the title of ‘Certificate of Honorable Member’ to people who have make great services to Turkish economy and acts of the Chamber with the decision of 3/2 of the members of Assembly.

– To carry out other responsibilities stated in the related legislation.

Responsibilities of Executive Board:

– To carry out the work within the framework of legislation and parliamentary decisions of the assembly.

– To submit budget and their final accounts and transfer their proposals and reports for the Chamber Assembly.

– To submit a report about monthly account to be examined and approved by the Assembly.

– To make decisions about staff recruitment and tasks given to the end, promotions and transfers.

– To decide on the disciplinary committee to investigate the discipline issued in accordance with this Act and ensure implementation of fines.

– To prepare the list of referee, expert witnesses and experts and to present it to parliament for approval.

– To approve documents in this Act and the relevant legislation.

– To prepare an annual report on the industrial status and economic activity within the region and present it to the Assembly.

– To submit the internal directive to the Assembly.

– To analyze all kinds of the industry and commerce, to keep statics and indexes about all commercial and industrial activities in the area, follow and record market prices of the products decided by Assembly and announce them with the appropriate means.

– To make decisions about disciplinary affairs of the staff prescribed in this Act and the relevant legislation within the framework of the principles and procedures.

– To reward the members paying taxes at a high level, exporting, developing technology.

– To support social activities, make donation and help provide scholarships,make schools and classrooms with the approval of Assembly.

– To elect arbitrator and committee of arbitratories.

– To carry out other tasks given by this Act and other legislation.

Responsibilities of the Disciplinary Board’s tasks:

– To conduct the disciplinary investigation of the registered members of the Chamber in accordance with the procedures and principles of this Act and the relevant legislation.

– To make proposals to Assembly regarding discipline and fines for registered members.