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16 May 2021

Giresun GCCI History

Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry founded in 1898 has a deep-rooted past when other chambers’ dates of establishment are considered. The first president of Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry which has played a transformative role in commercial activities and a strategic role in the development of the city was Hadji Ali Ağazade Mehmet Ali Efendi. At the present time, Hasan Çakırmelikoğlu takes the responsibility of being Chairman of the Executive Board.

It has become apparent that Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry has played an important role in the commercial activities of the region when a request was submitted to get permission to export hazelnut to Romania in 1926. The most crucial product of the economy of the region, hazelnut has undeniably a great impact on the globalization process and getting into the world market.  Beginning with this attempt, the process has continued with great successes such as exportation of particularly hazelnut and agricultural products and underground mines through the Giresun Harbour opened in 1959. Giresun taking advantages of its very favorable geographical status processes its own raw materials in the very modern and highly technological plants and exports them via sea and land links.

According to the Law numbered 5590 which was accepted on 8th of March, 1950, all Chambers of Commerce, Chambers of Industry and Commodity Exchange Market has taken the title of public organization. Moreover, a new Law accepted in 1st of June, 2004 has enabled the chambers make necessary requirements to be well-organized.

At present, Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides service to its members in an historical building located in the Taşbaşı District.