12 C
21 April 2021

On the basis of legal requirements of government and Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey,

Together with our staff, members and suppliers

To increase productivity and encourage savings,

Provide ever-increasing satisfaction,

Give required importance to the education,

Create occupational health and safety and environmental awareness,

Avoid from waste,

Improve processes,

Follow technological developments,

Ensure information security,

Conduct social responsibility projects,

Conduct Budget favorable activities,

And to eliminate errors

With reference the philosophy that the most important source of productivity of skilled labor movement;

Without language, religion, race and sex discrimination
With applying a fair selection and evaluation system
And creating resources in order to ensure the high performance of our staff in institutions of education, technology, equipment and motivation,
to embrace the policy of ‘Happy Employees- Happy Authority’ and improve it continually

To meet all expectations and requests with using authority and resources given by the Law numbered 5174,

To improve member satisfaction continuously,

To contribute to economic and socio-cultural developments at the highest level and create a collective thinking environment in our city

On the basis of authorities and responsibilities given by the Law numbered 5174,

To use income obtained from our members, projects and other resources in the most efficient way,

To have a transparent and accountable financial management,

Value-adding to our existing fund research and implement the ideal method,

To research and implement ideal methods to increase the value of our existing funds.

To determine our financial risk and to plan preventive action about these risks,

To reduce our expenses which could be considered as waste

To announce all activities and news carried out by NGO in accordance with a strategic plan timely and impartially to all members,

To identify preferred communication methods and ensure the fulfillment of these demands,

To follow the news about Giresun which promote any kind of notice on the national and international level and make all residents of the city aware of them,

To have a user-friendly web site and continuously improve it,

To improve continually participation of our members with sharing our plans regarding communication

To provide computing software and hardware to facilitate our service,

To plan and provide regularly the necessary maintenance and virus protection to protect the equipment and software that we provided,

To archive the data we have followed through data processing and ensure continuity of archiving